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F-Family R- Real E- Encounter S-Sons & Daughters H- Honor   

Sunday Life Group @ 9:00am
Wednesday Student Service @ 6:30pm

Youth Event

  October 23rd 
     12:00am - 6:00pm 

Bama & Back 
November 5th - 6th

Bama & Back.jpg

One Conference
Nov 19th-20th


Speed The Light: Free International 
Focuses in Helping End Human Trafficking.  In FreshLife our Goal is TO raise Money to help Free international. will you help us Reach this Goal? will you be apart of the many taking a Stand to End Human Trafficking?

Free INT Promo.jpg

Pastors Andrew
           & April Fallis

FreshLife is a welcoming Family for the youth of this community. To be a generation seeking God daily and to see lives that enter this place to be transformed. For us to walk in God’s Purpose and to follow His Spirit. Seeing Jesus bring freedom to all, and for Jesus to fill us with His Joy, Peace, and Rest. This place is for people to be saved, healed, and delivered by the blood of Jesus. In unity we will grow in our faith, grow as family and in our friendships.